GUITARmeetsBASS is self - explicatory: Markus Bodenseh, an outstanding artist on the double bass teaming up with the electric guitar of Martin Wiedmann.

Some remarkable original compositions are featured in the program, as well as the Duo´s favourite standards that have experienced individual treating, i.e."" gets a bridge in 7/4 and various written out chorusses suggest that there must have been more substances than mere booze.

Marmaduke (Charlie Parker), Talking ´bout John Coltrane (McCoy Tyner), Three Views Of A Secret (Jaco Pastorius).

Also "Sometimes It Snows In April", a song written by PRINCE.

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Download: mp3 file of "Bread & Butter"(3MB)
Download: mp3 file of "Late Lunch"(364KB)

Bodenseh and Wiedmann have been producing their Duo program for some time now. The concept changes with the process of recording - first planned as a "pure" Duo Album with some precious guests, the focus now goes to programmed and digitally created tracks...

Let's see what happens...

GUITARmeetsBASS appears on the production "Jazz Crossover Klassik" recorded in november 1998 for the label Edition Musikat.

Tracks included: "Late Lunch" (M. Bodenseh), a Bossa in 3/4, "The Jody Grind" (Horace Silver) and "Regen Ueber´s Land" (M. Wiedmann), a funky arrangement of an autumnly song.

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