Thomas Horstmann - guitars / synth. option
Martin Wiedmann - guitar con electronicos naturales
Matthias Daneck - drums & percussion, real loops

Musical variety - mostly originals... nice Ballads... open stuff... groove.... no, it´s not Scofield nor Metheny .... Hommage to Maria Joao...to Dave Liebman...to Pablo Picasso... Billy The Kid... Flying.....

- Billy The Kid (Horstmann)
- Pablo´s Story (Liebman)
- One Look, One Touch (Wiedmann)
- Dave´s Tune (Horstmann)
- You Knew (Wiedmann)
- Waiting For Maria (Horstmann)
- s/catch (Wiedmann)
- Flying (Horstmann)
- Homeward Bound (Horstmann)
- Folksong (Horstmann)

listen to snippets: endmix
(also single tracks or the album for download)

From the linernotes:

This new offering from the Horstmann-Wiedmann-Daneck Trio shows that the music performed by this intimate improvising collective continues to grow steadily and surely, with each of the members facing the musical challenges presented by these compositions in his own distinctive way.

billy the kid is very clearly a major step forward for the Horstmann_Wiedmann_Daneck Trio, and we listeners-- and particularly those who care about the expanding possibilities of improvised music-- are fortunate to have this freeze-frame record of an important moment in this trio's ongoing evolution.
Garry Hagberg

The CD "DECADE" features some Guests - Claus Stötter plays flugelhorn on the Ballad "Losing You", Johannes Killinger sits in on bass. Besides original compositions, Ralph Towner´s "Innocenti" and Mario Laginha´s "Walking" are included...

"A Decade of Music, a decade of change.
In the past years pieces of music came to us, evolved, they got lost and found, losing became an inspiration, observations had their musical expression and emotions weave through all of it."

Download: mp3 file of "Walking" (1MB)

If you have a fast connection: mp3 file of "You Knew" (5MB edit)

listen to snippets: endmix (also single tracks or the album for download)

From Stuttgarter Zeitung (Werner Stiefele):
Between living room and club

"A round trip through club events around the festival Stuttgart Jazz Open
Outside, on Charlottenstreet, the cars rush by. Inside the shop of Buch Julius the guitars of Thomas Horstmann and Martin Wiedmann sing with edgy, rough tones along the hard rhythms of drummer Matthias Daneck the song of the big city.

The trio's music is vibrant, pulsating, as if expressing the daily hectic in sounds. One of the Guitarists supplies the foundation, whilst the others starts off to sometimes bizarre, fractured Solos. Short motivs fly through the air. They are being captured, bounced back, energized by nervous hits on Cymbals and drums."

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Still available: a collector´s item - the Duo LP of Thomas & Martin featuring Lauren Newton (Vocals): "IT´S ALL INSIDE"

Included: a unique adaption of Steve Erquiaga´s "Narragansett" Besides, Thomas is playing "Waldzither" in a special tuning - very charming music...

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